St. Joseph's Colony


The following are three views, in order, of the Cemetery.

This view was taken from the left side of the cemetery, but of the left side of the cemetery.

This view is also from the left side of the cemetery, but of the center section.

This view is from the left side, but of the far right side of the cemetery.

St. Joseph's Colony Cemetery

I am hoping in the very near future to have a listing of cemetery online. I was to St. Joseph's cemetery in September 1999 and recorded with a cam-corder. If you ever plan to do a cemetery, I highly suggest using a video camera, it works really well.

I have also mapped the cemetery, to the best of my ability. The map is really not to scale, but it will give you a basic idea. The section that I called the "new cemetery" is not mapped properly, I was unable to remember which end I started at so I am not sure how many plots to a row.

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St. Joseph's Cemetery Listings

I have included the surnames from the headstones on the map. There is approximately 205 plots with 18 rows. 13 rows in the old section of the cemetery and 5 in the new.

Please note that some of the grave markers are unreadable, and there were some areas that seemed there could have been graves, but were unsure.

Please if you have any further information regarding, people buried in this cemetery, I would love to hear from you.